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PowderKeg Outlaws

Rocking the Country 

Powderkeg outlaws is taking the nation by storm with a high energy sound that you can dance to, or sing along with. Whether you’re looking for upbeat party songs, or slow love ballads, this is your band right here.

Powderkeg outlaws is made up of  Tim Crowe he is the bass player along with vocals  Mike Lewis is lead guitar along with vocals, Jimmy Brewer is the drums along with vocals, Jpaul Riddle plays rhythm guitar and Lead vocalist. When you get to see them live they have a wide selection of music that include rock, country, and blues genres. 

Powderkeg outlaws are always in high demand around the country, so they stay busy playing live music at local venues near you, so keep an eye out for this band as they are all over the country. These guys get the party started every time.

Contact for Booking:


865-325-9404                      606-767-1670    

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Ronda Smalling CEO/Publicist 

Harold Fouch Booking Manger

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PowderKeg OutLaws

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