Light House

Gospel recording artists/Evangelist
“Lighthouse” – Gerald and Verna Edwards

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This is Gerald writing to you. I preached my first message at age 15 at the First Assembly of God in Centerville, Ga. I think I may have lasted 5-10 minutes max. I have been singing since early childhood, mostly with my father. As a pastors son I was always involved in church. I served as youth leader, song leader, Sunday School teacher, janitor , in other words whatever my earthly & Heavenly Father needed.
I graduated from SouthEastern University (of the Assemblies of God), in 1971 with a major in Secondary Education/World History & a minor in Bible.
As an adult I have been an active youth leader, music director, Pastor, and Evangelist/Recording artist.

My life testimony started at age 2 when I was miraculously healed of Leukemia in the last stages along with restoration of left shoulder & hip joints. Before God intervened, my parents were firmly told I could not survive but if I did I would NEVER CRAWL, MUCH LESS WALK. I am now past 71 & extremely active.

My darling wife/friend/ piano player/vocalist & so much more, Verna was born and raised in a very strong musical family. Her Grandfather (Rufus Varner) wrote numerous songs that were published in various convention songbooks as well as church hymnals. His most popular work was “Let My Life Be A Light”. He was also one of Verna’s first piano teachers, along with her Uncle Wally Varner, the legendary pianist & member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. (Uncle Wally played for the Melody Masters & Blackwood Brothers (15 years) and many others. Verna has been singing ever since she could talk. As a small child, her parents would stand her in a chair behind the pulpit & she would sing her heart out. Even then she recalls seeing people come down to the alter, praying thru to salvation – THAT ANOINTING IS EVEN STRONGER TODAY!
We have been singing together since our courtship days. We are still courting and singing after 51 years and have been married for 46 (as of June 1,2019).

Verna was educated at the Stamps Baxter School of Music. She has always sung in church. Her piano skills have been utilized by The Lamar Sego Family and numerous local groups throughout her life.

Let us share with you how God has brought us through disasters other than loosing our First child. We love to share what God did when we lost everything in a house fire. We love to tell of how God provided finances MIRACULOUSLY! Our song & video “I Need The Touch of the Lord” came from events in our lives that satin tried to destroy us with – He failed.

As of 2019 we have 4 professionally recorded projects: Touching Me-Touching You, His Wondrous Story (we wrote all the songs on this one) & Let My Life Be A Light (we wrote 7 of the 10 songs) & “Walking On Gold” (12 original compositions).  Together we have another 40 songs, all given to us through God’s Divine Inspiration. We give Him ALL the Glory & Praise. All of our songs are copyrighted & registered with BMI.

Invite us to come to your church/event & tell the complete story. WE COME TO MINISTER IN WORD & SONG, not to entertain. WE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE SAVED, HEALED & DELIVERED AS THEY SURRENDER TO JESUS