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JigSaw JANE 

Country Rock Band

Jigsaw   Jane          is   a   high   energy   5   piece   party   band   that   plays 
 everything   from   classic/southern/alternative   rock 
 to   driving/old   school/new   age   country   music.   Chris   Massie-   Lead   Vocals   /   Rhythm   Guitar 
 Todd   Long   -   Vocals   /   Rhythm   Guitar 
 Randy   Frazier   -   Vocals   /   Bass   Guitar 
 Dave   Bailey   -   Lead   Guitar 
 Waylon   Lewis   -   Drums 
 John   Robinson   -   Sound   Engineer   A   crowd   pleasing   band   with   music   to   please   everyone's   taste.   JigSaw   JANE   prides   themselves   on   performing   a   high   energy   and   entertaining   show   at   every   venue   and   Event!!    Fans   LOVE   IT!!!!    
For   Booking   contact   :   
Thundering   Hoofs   Booking   and   Management   Team  

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